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Best Dental Implants

Can I Improve My Appearance

With Dental Implants?

It may seem strange to you, but losing a tooth is more common than you think, and it is a condition most often experienced by older people, however, a fall, accident, or illness can also be a responsible for losing one or more teeth.

Do you know what to do so that it does not

affect your appearance?

The loss of dental pieces has psychological and physiological repercussions for the reason that it causes a decrease of the mandibular bone, and consequently, the reduction of the gingiva, compromising even the way of talking or chewing. If there is no root that stimulates the bone, little by little, it begins to reabsorb, giving visible changes in the face of the person.



How will I look if I lose a tooth and do not opt

for dental implants?

If the missing teeth are not replaced by dental implants, the physiognomy will be very different from the original, the face will look much more aged, the cheeks will be accentuated, the smile will look smaller and you could even see a sinking in the cheeks as well.

How to know that my body will not reject the

dental implant?

It is very difficult for this to happen, since the implants are made, mostly, of surgical titanium, an element that has proven in various ways, has proved to be biocompatible, bioinert, with osseointegration capacity and with excellent soft tissue tolerance.

The success of dental implants will also depend on the post-surgical care, dental hygiene, ongoing reviews with your dentist, the diet you adopt and the timely follow-up of your doctor's instructions you have.

Are dental implants very noticeable?

It will definitely be much more noticeable the absence of your teeth than the use of dental implants. There are even dentists who cannot perceive your implants, so do not worry, they will not be noticed with the naked eye.

It will be much better to remove your lost teeth to have the shape of your face modified and your ability to speak and chew. Once you submit to the treatment, you will notice that the dental implants are imperceptible even for those who use them, so they will go unnoticed for others.

In short, dental implants are an excellent option to regain confidence in yourself, no matter how old you are, feeling good about your smile is very important, and beyond that, you have all the necessary parts to perform the necessary functions such as chewing and speaking properly which is vital for a healthy quality of life. To learn about front tooth implant, you are suggested to visit more info see this article.